"If you need a little spiritual uplifting, take a listen to “Gospel Gladness” by Kelly Newton-Wordsworth, as it will surely comfort your body and soul".- Diane and the reviewer team - Radio Indie

“Wow, if there ever was a God inspired album this is it.” - Stephan Juengling- Journalist, Bunbury, Western Australia

“I find Kelly’s songs coming into my mind in times of comfort as well as strength.” - Madison Monro, Montana, USA

Gospel Gladness

​Bringing the joy of The Gospels through music and preaching

“Gospel Gladness is amazing and life changing. The other day I had a huge healing from Kelly's CD just by listening to her music. These songs have God’s words in them... they are pure, they are full of love, and as you listen to them you feel comforted and safe”.- Angela Fowler, Western Australia

“Gospel Gladness is more than just a CD! My children and I know every song by heart. My children Michael and Emma claim to be Kelly’s No 1 fans, but I disagree – I am Kelly’s No 1 fan. To me Gospel Gladness is much more than entertainment for the good times, for it helped me through the hard times. My children never realised how bad things were, or that many of our trips were to escape the chaos and the pain. I often reached for Gospel Gladness in despair, when I didn’t want to speak, and soon I too was singing along with my children; sadness replaced by joy. Yes Gospel Gladness is entertaining, but having a CD handy when times were hard was all the medication I needed. Thanks Kelly.”- Graham Bell, Noranda, Western Australia

The uplifting and enriching Christian album, 'Gospel Gladness'

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